FEB UI Campus Ground
26 NOVEMBER 2017
Jgtc Opening and Press Conference

27 October 2017

Place : Institut Français d'Indonésie, Jakarta

JGTC Opening and Press Conference serves as a prelude of JGTC’s series of events, in which we will inform the media about the things we are going to bring this year. This opening of celebration will be captured by all-inclusive publication channels, so that the news about JGTC will be widespread.

Jgtc Clinic

28 October 2017

Place : 360C Yamaha Communication Center, Jakarta

To understand jazz, one must learn about the music itself first. JGTC Clinic is here to present opportunities for young musician to be able to learn and obtain inspirations from renowned jazz professionals on behalf of preparing the challenge they will face in the music industry.

Jgtc Band Competition

4 November 2017 (Qualification Round)

18 November 2017 (Final Round)

Place : Neo SOHO Podomoro City, Jakarta

Competitions in the industry of jazz are a prerequisite for the musicians to be able to grow. Many of our young musicians are also exposed to this challage. Hence, JGTC Competition will build a platform for these young musicians to showcase their talents, amaze the audience, and express their love for jazz.

Jgtc Roadshow

10 November 2017

Place : FEB Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta

One unique characteristic of jazz is collaboration, for music cannot be played as fun as together. The love of Jazz needs to be spread especially to those who are passionate enough to develop jazz in their city. JGTC Roadshow is designed to share that love through a celebration of Jazz. And this year, we choose Yogyakarta as the city of our jazz celebration.

Jgtc Gathering and Charity Night

11 November 2017

Place : JW Marriot Hotel, Jakarta

For musicians, jamming is the celebration where they learn how to tolerate the need of listening to others. We exercise this social manner through JGTC Scholarship to remember that JGTC will not stand without the support from helpful parties. The funds from JGTC Scholarship will be raised through JGTC Gathering and Charity Night.

Jgtc Community Night

17 November 2017

Place : Terroir Coffee & Eats, Jakarta

Jazz needs to be shared, and it will never be complete without the communities of jazz who continuously give contribution to the development of jazz music in Indonesia. To give a celebration of sharing, a place to showcase their music and build relation among them are the purpose of JGTC Community Night.

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