FEB UI Campus Ground, Depok
26 NOVEMBER 2017

rayi. asta. nino

The Indonesian band was formed in November 18th, 2006. The name “RAN” itself comes from the acronym of the 3 members’ names, Rayi Putra (Rayi) on vocal and rap, Astono Andoko (Asta) on guitar, and Anindyo Baskoro (Nino) on vocal, who all went to the same high school together.

Their first debut album, “RAN For Your Life” was launched in December 2007 and was well received by public. Their music is defined as fun, fresh, and friendly; combining elements of jazz, R&B, rock, hip-hop, and funk. RAN’s first single, “Pandangan Pertama”, climbed its way to the top of some TV and radio charts, gaining them the most popularity. In 2008, RAN landed a high-profile gig at that year's Java Jazz Festival.

In two consecutive years, they released two albums; their second album, “Friday”, was released in August 2009, followed by the release of “HOP3” the year after. In 2013, RAN launched “Hari Baru”. Their latest album, “RAN” was released three years later in 2016.

Let’s sing and dance away with RAN at The 40th Jazz Goes to Campus!

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