FEB UI Campus Ground, Depok
26 NOVEMBER 2017

sentimental moods

Sentimental Moods is a Jakarta-based ska act that was formed in 2009. The band consists of eight members; Beni Adhiantoro on drums, Daniel Sukotjo on baritone saxophone, Dharmo Soedirman on keyboards, bass player Pardiffa Effrido, Ranando Arliccan on percussion, trumpeter Taufiq Alkatiri, guitar player Wirastomo H.W, and tenor saxophonist Yurie Fachran.

In 2014, they released their first full-album, “Destinasi Empat”. A year later, Sentimental Moods released a mini album called “1/4”. The album “1⁄4” highlights every brass section personnel on the band who were considered as the “vocalists”. It also demonstrates every “vocalists” on the band as soloists, with each of their own style and choice of arrangements – but still stays in range on Sentimental Moods’s ska styles.

With the touch of various instruments such as saxophone, trumpet, trombone, keyboard, guitar bass, drums, keyboard, and percussion, Sentimental Moods pleases your ears with its easy-listening ska arrangements.

Don't miss the chance to get sentimental with Sentimental Moods at The 40th Jazz Goes To Campus!

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