FEB UI Campus Ground, Depok
26 NOVEMBER 2017

the groove

With 20 years of experience in the Indonesian music industry, The Groove is an Indonesian pop jazz group, formed in 1997. The group comprises 7 members, Rieka (Lead Vocal), Reza (Lead Vocal), Arie Firman (Bass), Ari (Guitar), Tanto (Keyboard Synth), Ali (Piano), Rejos (Percussion), and Detta (Drum).

The band launched their first album, “Kuingin”, back in 1999, with "Dahulu" and "Satu Mimpiku" as two of the most popular songs in that album. The Groove has experienced changes in their band members over time, but nevertheless, they still managed to prove their existence by releasing the album “The Best of The Groove” in 2005, with “Katakan Dengan Cinta” as the lead single. The song successfully topped various radio charts at that time.

Not long after that, The Groove was reportedly disbanded. Until, in 2010, it was rumored that they have reunited, which was marked by the comeback of Rieka Roeslan and the release of “Let’s Go Reunion”. After a year, they released a new single, “Kusambut Hadirmu”. In May 2016, The Groove finally released their fifth studio album, “Forever U’ll Be Mine”, their first album after the long hiatus in 2005, eleven years after the previous album was released. The new album has a mixture of acid, funk, soul, and disco vibes in it. This year, The Groove released a new single called "Tuhan Di Hati Kita".

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