JGTC Press Conference

Will be starting The 42nd Jazz Goes To Campus with JGTC Press Conference, in which will inform the media what we are going to bring this year. This moment will be captured by all-inclusive publication channels so that the news about JGTC is widely spread

JGTC Intimate

Every great people in Jazz industry have stories behind them. We aim to uncover their stories and spread it. We will conduct an intimate interview so that people can know their favorite one more closely. Check it out in our Youtube channel!

JGTC Competition

Moving on to our next event of #Jazzperience series, this year we return to discover the promising-fresh talent of the next generation of Jazz to showcase their talent, compete and get feedback from established professionals.

JGTC Roadshow

JGTC Roadshow
Sharing the development of Jazz with other city is one of the noble purposes of Jazz Goes to Campus. Here we provide the place outside Jakarta for its jazz communities or artist to expose their skills and its people to enjoy our beloved Jazz.

JGTC Talkshow and Community Night

These 2 annual events will provide valuable insights from professionals who have devoted themselves in Jazz industry as we gather Jazz communities from Jakarta and surrounding areas to maintain our long-lasting relationship with the root of Jazz itself.

JGTC Museum

We won’t be here today celebrating Jazz if not because our predecessors. The very jazz itself and Jazz Goes To Campus, have reached story. It’s our job to visualize it and make it known to the people so they can cherish the past and enjoy the moment. That’s what we do in JGTC Museum.