Ardhito Pramono

Ardhito Rifqi Pramono or famously known as “Ardhito Pramono” is one of the young and talented Indonesian pop-jazz musician. He is good in playing instrument that he mastered himself, such as guitar, piano, and drum.

Other than his activity as a singer, he’s also a songwriter, creative planner, and music director

Ardhito pursuing his education which Majoring in Film at JMC Academy, Australia. He utilizes the usage of digital platform to introduce his music such as Youtube, Soundcloud, and MySpace. His first appearances in Youtube was covering “She Was Mine” by AJ Rafael. The next year, in 2014 he presents his first song “I Placed My Heart” then followed by one of his most-watched music video titled “What Do You Feel About Me”.

Ardhito, who was born in Jakarta, is a connoisseurs of jazz music and 40s songs. He signed by label Sony Music in 2017 and debut his single “Fake Optics” that released in 2018. The same year as debut of “Fake Optics”, after 5 years of pursue his career as a musician, Ardhito was nominated as “Artis Jazz Vokal Terbaik” and the song was nominated as “Karya Produksi Terbaik” in AMI Awards 2018.

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