Mus Mujiono ft. Deddy Dhukun

Mus Mujiono (born in Surabaya) is an Indonesian jazz musician. Nono, as he is usually called, really likes music and masters almost all instruments, from keyboards, drums, guitars, saxophones, except trumpets. Nono also earned the nickname ‘George Benson Indonesia’ with his Scat Singing technique.

As a musician, Mus Mujiono was an important part of the Funk Section Band (with Yance Manusama, Glenn Fredly, Host Noorsaid, etc.), as well as Canizaro. Furthermore Mus Mujiono has given birth to several Solo Albums with very famous Hits2 to date: The first, 1 hour away, Sustainable, the meaning of life, its signs, etc.

Deddy Dhukun has been active in the National Music since its inception, is a songwriter who is truly very creative, and besides having several Solo Albums, Deddy Dhukun also gave birth to some very famous ‘Music Groups’ in the ’90s’ era, such as the ‘Jakarta Rhythm Section’ (with Fariz RM, Yongky Suwarno, Jimmy Pais), ‘7 Stars’ (with Atiek CB, Dian PP, Yopie Latul, Fariz RM, Malyda, Mus Mujiono, Trie Utami), ‘K3S’ (with Bagoes AA & Dian PP) , and ‘2D’ (with Dian PP)

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