Rafi Muhammad x ENVY*

Rafi Muhammad started playing music since the age of 9 years with the main instrument drum. Rafi’s debut album titled “Can’t Stop The Beat” was produced by renowned drummer from the United States Harvey Mason.
His career continued to shine more after playing with musicians such as Indra Lesmana, Dewa Budjana, Art Of Tree, Barry Likumahuwa, Sri Hanuraga and others.
Rafi’s latest album titled “Transitions” received a very good reception from jazz lovers and was nominated for the best ICA Awards 5.0 instrument album in 2018 ago

Self-proclaimed hip-hop group ENVY* (an abbreviation for Expect Nothing, Valid Yesterday*) — akin to a heavy-808 futuristic punk group with hip-hop roots — was formed in South Jakarta, Indonesia in 2018. Featured by five rappers, Anima, Isiaah, Fat B, Hazy Dael and Quest, front-backed by the rising-star producer Maliboo, sound engineer/rapper Don O’deelio and Mr. Manager Shiayo.

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